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About me

I'm Aroa and I'm a developer

Hi! My name is Aroa (in case you're wondering, it's pronounced ah-row-ah) and I am a web developer. I am based in Malaga (Spain) and Raleigh (North Carolina). I specialize in developing custom Wordpress websites, themes and plugins. I am fully bilingual English/Spanish.

My skills


Proficient in HTML5, including the use of semantic HTML to create accessible websites.


Proficient in CSS3 and SCSS, including methodologies such as BEM.


Extensive knowledge of the Wordpress code base, including theme and plugin development.


Good knowledge and experience with PHP to create Wordpress sites and maintain Laravel sites.


Good working knowledge of Javascript for manipulating the DOM and working with APIs.


Experience using react for the creation of Wordpress blocks and for simple web apps.


Proficient in the use of NPM for compiling and as a development tool.


Experience using Git as a collaboration tool and for automatic deployment of sites using hooks.

Soft Skills

My Work

The Beer Academy

Product landing page created with HTML and vanilla CSS.

Simon Game

Simon memory game created with Javascript and jQuery.

Tailwind Portfolio

Portfolio created with Tailwind.

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